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Stand Up Pouch Sealing
George Fan

How to Seal Your Stand Up Pouches

1. The machine should be in a lower setting and adjust higher if needed.
2. Fill the bag with the desired content (avoid getting any product to the zipper area, and don’t overdo it.)
3. Run your fingers gently across the zipper to close the bag safely.
4. Place the top of the bag filled between the bar seal, only “above tear notches.”
5. Press gently for about 2-3 seconds and release.

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Stand Up Pouches Your Perfect Choice
George Fan

Stand up pouches: Your Perfect Choice

1. The stand up pouch provides a consumer-centric experience, enlightening you with suitability and convenience throughout your usage.
2. Retailers and manufacturers love it for its logistical and supply-chain efficiencies.
3. It has a sustainable environmental impact; it’s good for the world!

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The Best Way To Reduce Stand Up Pouches Cost Feature Pict
George Fan

The Best Way to Reduce Stand Up Pouches Cost

1. Decide what film structure you need.
2. What product is being packed? Identify the goods to be filled.
3. How much is the weight in the package?
4. Decide on the extra features.
5. Get ready for your graphics and discuss it with your provider.
6. If you have your graphic designer, introduce it to your supplier.
7. Know how many pouches you need.

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measure example and basic element
George Fan

How to measure a stand-up pouch

Width, height, and bottom gusset are the three basic measuring points of pouches. The size table is written in the format W cm x H cm x BG cm.
Width: measure the straight line distance of the bag from the left edge to the right edge.
Height: measure the straight line distance from the top to the outer bottom edge of the bag.
Bottom Gusset: measure the straight line distance of 2 times from the outer bottom edge to the maximum depth of the inner fold.

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George Fan

Benefits of Kraft Stand Up Pouch

1. 100% Recyclable: Good for Environment
2. Visually Appealing: Attracts More Costumer
3. Keep Your Product Fresher and Longer
4. Lightweight and Flexible: Offers Convenience
5. Extra Features for Standout Designs and Uses
6. Widely Used in The Retail Market

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