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Custom Coffee Bags

Do you want to be the next big thing in coffee? Coffee is no doubt an integral part of “The American Dream.” Growing up, I remember watching all-American coffee commercials, romanticizing about owning my own café complete with fancy lattes and pie aux gratin on the menu.

When we discussed specialty packaging suppliers, there were occasions where our CEO would bring up his admiration for companies like Starbucks—those who “play internationally and at home.” No one wants their brand name shadowed by another that defines what coffee should mean in this country. Need help determining what to look for in a coffee bag? Give us a quote to discuss your brand and packaging needs.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of custom wood, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

Guide To Choose Your
Coffee Bags

Every coffee is roasted differently and has a different flavor profile that can be enhanced based on its packaging. What type of coffee are you looking for? Need which type of coffee packaging? Coffee bags options include:

custom coffee bags

Most customers come to us knowing what type of configuration, size, and features they want to be based on factors such as storage conditions, shipping, and the selling environment, and whether the coffee is being packaged for retail or industrial customers. Often customers want help selecting a printing choice, and quantities they can afford for the custom coffee bags. If you are decided on the configuration you want to work with here are some general suggestions and an overview of some of the available options for coffee packaging.

General Hot Selling Coffee Bags Type

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one way valve coffee bags

Stand Up Coffee Pouches

The Doypack’s clean and timeless look makes it recognizable for both roaster and consumer. Our stand-up pouch pouches are easy to fill, making them practical for day-to-day use.

gusseted coffee bags with valve and side zipper

Flat Bottom Coffee Bags

Each square box with a flat bottom is designed for beautiful showcasing and the box’s always-standing upright shape makes it an excellent choice when you want to promote your coffee in-store. The flat bottom also means easier processes in storage and packaging, aka less time tangled up in your coffee sleeves!

Quad Seal Coffee Bags

Intensify your coffee experience with Quad-seal bags. The sealed corners of these beautiful, matte, vibrant bags are designed to protect the aroma and flavor of every drop after you zip up at home or on the go.

Diamond Coffee Bags

The K-seal coffee bags from PackagingBest are a radical innovation in packaging. The lack of flexibility makes these feel different to hold, but the colourful finish and large size give them a distinctly premium aesthetic. Combined with durable construction, this will please anyone from CEOs to baristas alike!

Wanna dig deeper in custom coffee bags?

There are more than 100 items in this catalog, you can leave us you email here and our experienced salemanagers will contact with you within 24 hours.

Coffee Bag Configuration Options

Proper configuration options can be offered in the coffee bag to ensure freshness during consumption. These options can be employed independently or together in your coffee bag. Just contact our business manager according to your own needs!

degassing valve

Degassing Valve

“It’s no secret that degassing valves can mean the difference between delicious coffee or an explosion. So let help you avoid the hassle of fortune-tellers and fruit vendors with this stylishly designed, precision-made valve.”

side closure zipper

Side Closure Zipper

This side zipper is fantastic for roasted coffee. It works well on gusseted coffee bags, which are perfect for any type of coffee drinker. You’ll love being able to open it so quickly!

tin tie

Tin Tie

Tin ties secure coffee bag for uniform size and shape, with a consistent location that gives customers peace of mind. Standardized space prevents messy, cluttered packages that make it difficult to find the flavor you want.

hang hole

Hole Punching

To punch Round or butterfly hang holes is a great add-on for stores that find themselves unable to keep up with their inventory because they don’t have enough shelf space. Hang hole punching creates extra hanging elastic and takes less than three minutes to install!

Genaral Printing Methods For Coffee Bag

Impress your customers with personalized coffee bags made in our state-of-the-art printing department! We have the most innovative technology on the market so you can customize any print job with precision. Whether you are ordering 500 or 10,000, we provide quick turnarounds at all times!

rotogravure printing

Rotogravure Printing

digital printing

Digital Printing

stock hot stamping

Hot Stamping

Custom Coffee Bags Process

New to custom your own coffee pouches? Check out our process below and then get an instant quote.

Step 1: Instant Online Quote

The custom bags we print go through a very specific set of steps, from selecting your bag base type, size, material, to providing a design, to a quote from a salesman, and finally to final delivery. With over 20 years of experience, we will guide you through each step of the process to ensure that your bags stand out on the shelf.

Choose how many bags you want, how often you need them, what type of bags you want, what features you want, and Which shipping method you choose. Get a free instant quote today! Or give us a call anytime. We’re happy to help.


Step 2: Sampling

We offer free samples to help you do capacity testing, and you only need to pay a small shipping fee. If needed, you can contact our sales manager to arrange this for you.

sample box

Step 3: Confirm Art Proof

We will accept your original art file and set it up for printing to ensure you get the best possible print quality. The renderings can be provided for you to confirm before you start printing.


Step 4: Pay The Bill

When everything is in order, we will send you an invoice and you complete the payment. Currently, the payment methods we support include Paypal, Western Union, and Alibaba Trade Assurance.

pay the bill

Step 5: Bulk Manufacturing

We offer the option of gravure printing, digital printing, and stock hot stamping to create your custom printed pouches. Therefore, once the roll of material is cut, processed, and printed, any final lamination (matte, glossy, etc.) will be applied. After completing lamination and bag making, we are ready to box and ship to you after passing quality inspection.


cmyk print

Step 6: Shipping

We support three kinds of shipping methods: sea, air, and express. You can choose according to your needs and inform our sales manager, or if you have your own freight forwarder, you can inform them as well. packingBest respects your choice.


Want to know how to compress lead times?

Are you frustrated with projects that aren’t making fast progress? I’m not judging, but if you want to accelerate business growth and reduce lead times, then here’s what you need: this isn’t just any compression method – this is PackgingBest’s method for compressing lead times!

Coffee Bag Packaging Display

In addition to the basic services shown below, we can add wrap-around film or top pallets according to your needs. 

inside package
Single Package: 50 pieces
Step 1 33%
corrugated carton packaging
Corrugated Carton Packaging
Step 2 67%

Final Packaging

Step 3 100%

The Basic Knowledge About Coffee Bag

The following knowledge can help you better choose the right product while reducing costs.

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Finding the right coffee bag supplier can be difficult, but it is crucial to selecting everything else in your business. What do you need to look for when you are searching for reliable suppliers? There are many features that manufacturing plants should provide; they range from machinery to labor force. Here are some questions that will help guide you on your search:

In the competitive coffee industry, it is not easy for a company to stand out from the rest. That’s why choosing a manufacturer can be difficult as some companies might tack on that they are “the best” without providing sufficient evidence of their prowess. When you see those words on a website, choose wisely or end up with coffee bags filled with inferior beans and grains!

The FAQs About Coffee Bags

Please note that the final cost depends on the customer service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance to be shipped. 

Ask yourself these questions: does it brew right, stay fresh long enough, seal tightly, give you delicious joe?

If your coffee bag is a single material, it can be recycled. If it is a composite bag of any other material, it cannot be recycled. This is because the mixed materials cannot be separated. We offer recyclable coffee bags made of PE-EVOH+PE for you to choose from.

Color rotogravure printer or digital printer allows you to print different tags logos or design in your coffee bags. And in just no time you’re done with your custom coffee bags.

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