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Standup flexible pouches, equally identified as Doypack is a kind of packaging capable of standing erect on its bottom when on display, storage, and when being used. This type of bag sometimes carries some plastic bottle characteristics. Doypacks are usually used as packaging for beverages and powdery products.

Trends pop up quite often when it comes to pouches, and the world keeps on innovating brilliant and convenient packaging techniques. The stand-up pouch is now settling down to be one of the most preferred packaging choices as billions of products worldwide start making fair use out of it.

The market growth rate of the stand-up pouches is twice the rate of anticipated volume growth in the USA for the flexible packaging market in all of its entirety. Why?

  • The stand up pouch provides a consumer-centric experience, enlightening you with suitability and convenience throughout your usage.
  • Retailers and manufacturers love it for its logistical and supply-chain efficiencies.
  • It has a sustainable environmental impact; it’s good for the world!

What is so enticing about Stand-up Pouch?

Brands keep striving for an improved consumer experience when it comes to providing ease-of-use in our ever-mobile lifestyles. Packaging suppliers keep innovating and developing new SUP designs, which creates a brand impact in terms of customer-centrism.

Stand-up pouches realize our everyday challenges when it comes to carrying or storing things around. If you are dreaming of thoroughly organizing sweets and snacks that make your kitchen shelves look much messier than they truly are, let your family know it’s a perfect time for your early Christmas gift – plenty of stand-up pouches! Forget about constantly looking for cartons, composite cans, bottles, and the rest of the packaging forms where you can keep your goods when the stand-up pouch option simply stands out in so many ways!

How does Stand-up Pouch help Retailers and Manufacturers?

Affordable packaging

A common scenario when transporting goods is some transport companies charge their services on goods based on how much they weigh. So the lighter material you used for the packaging, the more money you can allocate and invest for packaging design ideas and other areas of your business.

Budget-friendly customization

Running the business with a lot of competitors might really use up all your ideas and money, so by choosing a packaging that is right for your budget is a must! Stand up pouches not only offers packaging solution but it also gives your marketing team much more ideas to work with and design a unique packaging where they won’t have to worry about the cost.

How does Stand-up pouch promote environmental sustainability?

There are many materials that you can choose from when considering the type of product than you need it for. For instance, if you favor a lightweight but inexpensive pouch, you might want to choose a material that offers both. Some of these materials are clear film, multi-layer film, kraft materials, and many more.

This kind of packaging is made of flexible material that helps with keeping your goods fresh and protecting them from pests, air, vapor, moisture, and light. It is much friendlier to the environment. Flexible packaging generally uses fewer materials, energy, and water to manufacture. Less volatile organic composites are formed in this process. Their lightweight and compressed nature play a major role in the reduction of carbon emissions during transportation. Stand-up pouches are recyclable thus making them safe for the environment.

This type of packaging form rapidly became one of the most used and widely popular ones in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical, gardening, etc. Other than that, it’s also a great and pretty functional choice for you to store your favorite foods in quite a simple, organized, and neat way. The advantage is not about the usage only; it surely takes less energy and money to produce a stand-up pouch, together with the fact its flat bottom reduces the need to go for cartons when it comes to storing foods.

All of these benefits and advantages can be achieved by stand up pouches. Stand up pouches can increase your business’ exposure as they make your products unique and more visible than another rigid packaging. So do not hesitate and choose to stand up pouches for your products and take that step to increase your sales and move towards a brighter future!

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