How to measure a stand-up pouch

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Before you give carefully prepared cookies to your friends, it is important to choose a package that is beautiful and of the right size. Here, I sincerely recommend the Doypack to you, which will certainly add points to your heart. If you are not sure about the size of the bag, you can contact us to take the sample and measure it yourself. Next, I would like to share the basic methods of measuring stand up pouches.

Width, height, and bottom gusset are the three basic measuring points of pouches. The size table is written in the format W cm x H cm x BG cm.

  • Width: measure the straight line distance of the bag from the left edge to the right edge.
  • Height: measure the straight line distance from the top to the outer bottom edge of the bag.
  • Bottom Gusset: measure the straight line distance of 2 times from the outer bottom edge to the maximum depth of the inner fold.
this image is the method of elements
measurement and basic

Example:Kraft stand up pouch with window—10 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm(3 cmx 2)

  • Total Width (W) = 10 cm
  • Total Height (H) = 15 cm
  • Bottom Gusset (BG) = 3 cm x 2 = 6 cm

The most important is ,the actual fillable space is a little different from the outer side of the bag. We give the internal reference dimensions on the product details page, but there will be some deviations. So, most foolproof, you can choose to test it with your product.

For more information about standing bags or anything else, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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