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Stand Up Pouch Sealing
George Fan

How to Seal Your Stand Up Pouches

1. The machine should be in a lower setting and adjust higher if needed.
2. Fill the bag with the desired content (avoid getting any product to the zipper area, and don’t overdo it.)
3. Run your fingers gently across the zipper to close the bag safely.
4. Place the top of the bag filled between the bar seal, only “above tear notches.”
5. Press gently for about 2-3 seconds and release.

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Coffee Valve Work
George Fan

Things You Need to Know About Degassing Valve

1. What is that hole on your coffee bag?
2. 5 reasons degassing valves are important to coffee packaging
3. Why use it?
4. How does it work?
5. When is it needed?
6. Other uses of degassing valve
7. How are one-way coffee valves applied?
8. PackagingBest valve applicator for coffee
9. PackagingBest is at your service

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I was really satisfied with the company, who worked with me on how to have a better product to order. it is not only after the sales but also in helping the client in getting their best interest... highly recommended.
Fi Cameron
WAKIM Manager


The ULTIMATE Guide to Sourcing Coffee Bags in China 2022

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