Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Coffee Packaging This Year

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Your coffee packaging does not only benefit your product but also protect it. If you can use a simple paper bag for your packaging in the past, it’s not the same today. Your coffee packaging choice is essential to the success of your company. You must make an image that will distinguish your brand from the other.

Don’t ignore the importance of your coffee packaging. Your packaging choice will affect the freshness of the coffee. It also has an important impact on your efficiency in operation. It also marks how your products stand out on the shelf and how your brand is positioned.

If you are in a coffee business, you need to emphasize the process and your customer’s choice. Thus, the following are the best essential tips required you to consider when choosing your consumer packaging.

Common Types of Coffee Packaging Bag

Stand-up Pouches / Doypacks

Standing Iamond Pouch

These bags are convenient and commonly used. It is made of two panels and a bottom gusset, which gives them a triangle form. They also often display zippers for a reclosable feature to keep coffee longer, even after the bag is already opened. The combination of low prices and good quality makes bags stand into a popular choice. The Stand Up Pouch can stand on the shelf on its own, and there is plenty of space for branding.

Gusset Bags

These are the common types of gusset bags:

  1. Flat Bottom Bags/Box Pouches
Block Bottom Zipper Bag

It is the latest coffee packaging model in the industry. They have a flat bottom, and their square appearance makes them look like a box. It allows them to stand alone, giving them great shelves and modern looks. Flat bottom bags can pack more coffee in small bags, so they are more efficient to be transported and stored. The box style also gives you much possible marketing design and size.

  1. Side Gusset Bags/ Side Fold Bags
Side Gusset Bag

Side Gusset Bags is a traditional bag and still the most popular one. It is also known as a side-folding bag. It offers a long-lasting and robust choice for a larger amount of coffee.

This type of bag tends to have a flat base. The bag won’t stand up well but will have a solid texture when you hold it. It can be printed on all sides, making it easy for the brand. They also tend to be cheaper than other options. On the other hand, they don’t display zippers. Usually, they are closed by rotating or folding and using adhesive tapes.

Quad Seal Bags

Quad Seal Bag

A quad seal bag is like a side folding bag. The main difference is that it has four sealed angles. It gives more packaging than a square display and makes it possible to integrate zipper.

Pillow Bags / Single-Serve Bags

Pillow Bag

It is the cheapest bag. These kinds of bags are often used for fractional coffee packaging. This bag style lays flat for display purposes. The pillow bag has less expensive to produce.

Coffee Packaging Barrier Properties

It is important to ensure that your coffee stays fresh. Coffee is susceptible to external influences. Barriers will keep oxygen, UV, and other factors that can affect your coffee’s profile. Make sure your bag is sealed correctly. Your packaging needs a barrier. At present, most Stand Up coffee bags are made with aluminum metal or pure barriers as 3-layer laminate.

Another option is a 2-ply lamination with a high polyester barrier.  It will make your beans fresh. It is like a metalized film that will be done but has the advantage of being made of 100% plastic – including valves and zipper. The disadvantage is that creating aluminum barriers is not good for this planet. However, most coffee bags come with pure aluminum or metalized barrier. Thus, you can decide to go for this bag.

Coffee Packaging Convenience Options

One-Way Degassing Valves

Sealed bags without valves usually expands and can even explode. A degassing valve allows carbon dioxide flows to escape sealed bags. It is a one-way valve: carbon dioxide goes out, but oxygen does not enter. However, keep in mind that your bags must be completely sealed for effectiveness. So, be sure to invest in a good heat sealer.


The bag must be closed again after it opened to keep your coffee fresh. A zipper is a user-friendly choice that produces an airtight seal.

Tin Ties or Tapes

You can use a tie or tape or both, depending on your coffee sealing machine. Even though they are not airtight, they do a fair job of keeping oxygen, and it is also easy to use.

Clear Labels

The coffee industry likes labels explicitly. You might deal with different origins and many throughout the season. It would be best to have an excellent label to communicate the source, processing method, date of grilled, and more of your beans. Don’t rush this design. It is an essential element that is worth your time.

Try to match your label material with the bag itself. Plastic label or matt paper blends with the matt surface. A glossy title, on the other hand, goes better with a shiny bag. Don’t forget to consider these things if you want to draw attention to the label.

Simple and Solid Packaging Design

Consumers are already flooded with choices, visuals, and data. Make it easy for them to select your coffee with minimal graphics and bold patterns in your coffee bag packaging design.

There are so many ways to make exclusive bags that will attract attention. Interesting artwork is one way to set your style. Others are using different varnishes, metal, or neon colors. Some use zippers and integrated valves, shaped bags, and even different measurements. You can also use laser perforations to make bag openings easier. Be creative because the possibilities are unlimited.

“Try me” Packaging Sizes

Coffee bulk packages still have their place on the market. Modern consumers are less devoted to brands than before. They want to buy trial-sized or smaller coffee packages when they explore their choices. It is to make sure that what they purchased is worth it.

Coffee Packaging Filling Process

The filling process is another important choice that you must consider when packing your coffee. It is essential to understand that your bag design is likely to slow down or speed up the filling process. If you want to speed up your coffee filling, it is recommended to consider the Doypack bag. It comes up with a zipper, which means that they have two corners at the top to speed up the filling process.

Coffee Packaging Suppliers

When choosing a supplier, you must ensure that they are reliable. Do they give advice and suggestions? Do they give importance to the environment? Are they knowledgeable enough about your product?

It does not necessarily have to be difficult to reach. PackagingBest understands coffee. It is why we have developed customized packaging solutions that meet the requirements. We make sure that it is suitable for the environment. If you are a specialized coffee roaster, contact us today.  We will take care of your concept, design packaging, manufacturing, printing, and delivery.

Take note that when you buy a packaging machine for your coffee products, make sure it can handle the type of packaging you want to use. For example, you can’t use a coffee can filling machine with a coffee bag and vice versa. Make sure you discuss your needs with your preferred coffee packaging company.


Good packaging makes your coffee stands from the rest. This attracts the customer’s attention. It draws them to your product instead of competitors. Coffee packaging serves many functions. It protects your coffee from external degradation factors. You need also to ensure that it is cost-effective for your business to work with.

Before consumers can taste, smell, or see your product, they must buy it. Focus on your coffee packaging. Make it interesting, informative, and alluring to get more consumers. Hopefully, this guide can help you make a coffee package design that can provide your product identity well.

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