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Combining Gussets in Stand Up bags increases their storage capacity. It also boosts the attractiveness of their aesthetics. There is a big competition between the types of gussets. The two common types of gussets are the side gusset bag and the bottom gusset bag. Let’s take a closer look at the two types of bags.

What Is A Gusset Bag?

The gusset is part of a bag that holds the product. Gusseted bags or pouches have become the recommended stand-up packaging option for most brands. It is designated throughout the business industry who want more space to showcase their product features.

What Is The Difference Between Side Gusset and Bottom Gusset?

There are no strict rules that prohibit both gussets in one bag. But manufacturers experience technical problems when they try to do this. The two gussets’ design is not suitable to use at the same time. Such that the presence of another gusset does not allow the other gusset’s presence. Both types of gussets have some unique functions and features. Also, they have their variances. These are the common differences that the two gussets have:

  • Location in a bag

As mentioned, a gusset is a material added to a flexible bag. The bottom gusset is a bag that has a flat end. It allows you to provide additional space for the printing area. The gusset is located at the bottom. It has been intended in such a way that it can stand upright. The gusset edge is fused to the side of the wall for better strength and support. While the side gusset bags are less likely boxed shaped than most gusset bottom bags. The gusset is located on the side of the bag.

  • Storage efficiency

Storage efficiency means how the gusset bag is filled. Can it fit in storage like a refrigerator or on the shelves? Does it take a large or small space? PackagingBest conducted a study to gauge the effectiveness of the storage of both gussets. The results showed that the side gusset bag took less space than the bottom gusset bag. Still, the side gusset bag provides a lot of canvas space to display and market your brand. It mostly comes from personal preferences.

  • Aesthetics

PackagingBest is in the industry for more than 20 years. The anecdotal evidence shows that people prefer the bottom gusset for better aesthetics. There are more sizes and shapes to customize the bottom gusset bags. Bottom gussets are said to be larger than side gussets. It gives you more chances to customize your packaging. While side gusset bags are smaller, but it gives you more space on the shelves. Yet, you can also customize your preferred design.

  • Sealing

The side gusset bag maximizes storage capacity because they are squared after being filled. It has a gusset on both sides and inclusive seals that run from top to bottom with horizontal sealing on both sides and bottom of it. The upper side is usually left open to fill the content.

The bottom gusset border sealed on the side strengthens the overall structure of the bag. It guarantees an easy and convenient upright holder. It is also ideal for lightweight products

  • Volume

Both side gusset and bottom gusset bags of the same size do not have the same volume. The size of the bottom gusset bag is larger than a side gusset bag. Bottom gusset bags take more space even the same number of products is filled in it. If you plan to use the bottom gusset bag for your product, then you will have both sides of the bag or bag for your branding and marketing.


The side gusset bag or a bottom gusset bag is specifically made to meet your business and product needs. All you need to do is to recognize what product will be inside the bag. If you handle dry food or snacks, then the side gusset bag or pouch is the best choice. If you are dealing with coffee products or pet food, the bottom gusset bag is a good option.

PackagingBest gusset bags are available from all types in various forms and materials. You can order the bottom gusset bag or a side gusset bag according to your needs. First, analyze your brand packaging requirements by going through the points mentioned above. Then, you can communicate with us about what do you need.

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