Biodegradable NKME PBS Stand Up Coffee Bags

All our material is certified both home and industrially compostable. (comply with both American and European compost standards EN 13432 and ASTM D6400). Including zipper and valve are compostable. Our biodegradable one-way valve(W606E) is imported directly from WIPF AG, Switzerland.

Details about Biodegradable NKME PBS Stand Up Coffee Bags

Extra Information

  • SKU: PB-BCB-005
  • Pack Quantity: 50 pcs
  • Color: white/light blue
  • Sample Size: 190*(260+50) mm
  • Sample Material: 50g White Kraft paper/NKME20/PBS40
  • Valve: Compostable One-way Air Valve
  • Minimum order: 30000 pcs/size
  • Custom print/color: > 30.000 pcs/size. Please contact us for quotation!

Product Details

PackagingBest high barrier biodegradable bags structure as follow:

  • Material Structure: Kraft paper/PLA, can replace the Kraft Paper/Transparent Barrier/PEkraft paper pla details
  • Material Structure: Kraft paper/NKME/PBS or Kraft paper/NK/PBS, can replace the Kraft paper/Al Foil/PEkraft paper nkme pbs or kraft paper nk pbskraft paper nkme pbs or kraft paper nk pbs 001
  • Material Structure: NK/PBS, can replace the PET/Transparent Barrier/PEnk pbs 01In a word, NK and NKME is the metal-free and compostable layer to bar off oxygen, moisture, UV light, and odor. Its barrier properties are comparable to aluminum.The outer layer/Printed layer could be Paper, NK(transparent film, allow matte mixed varnish printed like other PET films). Up to 9 color printing.

You may be familiar with stand up pouches, but truth be told, they are only one of several different types of flexible pouches. Other examples you might not be as familiar with include gusseted pouches (side gusset and bottom gusset), three side seal pouches, pillow pouches, and so on.

A doypack is a sealed plastic bag that is designed to stand upright, and is commonly used for powders, spices, dried fruit & nuts, mayonnaise, candy or ready to drink beverages. Doypack packaging has seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the fact that they are easy to use.

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