Multiple Uses for Side Gusseted Bags

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Imagine you are going to the market where you can see a lot of food and different packaging. You notice that there is a side gusseted bag. The bag catches your attention. You found it interesting because it expands and maximizes storage. You wonder what the other uses of the side gusseted bag are.

In this article, you will learn more information about the side gusseted bags.

Side Gusseted Bag Definition

Have you ever wondered what are the side folds and then expands after being filled? That’s what we call a side gusseted bag.

The side gusset bag is the most popular bag for coffee and tea. This gusseted side bag maximizes storage capacity. It is because they are squared after being filled. It has a gusset on both sides, and inclusive fin seals run from top to bottom with horizontal sealing on both at the top and bottom. The top side is usually left open to fill the content.

Many businesses used side gusseted bags as this is increasingly preferred over other food packaging. You can also use it as packaging for your snacks and other industry options. If you want to preserve your snacks after being opened, you can always reseal them using add on accessories like a resealable zipper or cap.

What is it used for?

Go to the grocery store, and you will see many side gusseted bags in everything from pasta to a strawberry box. They are designed to expand and provide a large amount of space. Side gusseted bag is also known to be flexible in terms of packaging. You can see it when you are eating your candies, chocolates, cookies and even chips. They are sweet. Ants are not welcome to this kind of food. In order to protect the food inside, we can always have a choice to add accessories like a resealable zipper or tin ties.

Don’t worry about your coffee and tea products, and a side gusseted bag is always at your back. We all know it is vital to preserving the freshness of your coffee and tea. Side gusseted bags serve the job well. As mentioned, we have many choices to pack your coffee and tea. Yet, side gusseted bags are one of them.

For the pet food industries, you can pack the treats of your pets using side gusseted bags. Our little furry friends do find ways to get to their treat bags. Well, our pets often do. It will be intolerable for them to get to the content of pet food bags or cause spills. This feature can also get reviews from happy customers.

Finally, we can also use the side gusseted bags for non-edible products like hardware materials such as bolts and nuts, screws, disks, etc.

In a nutshell, side gusset bags have a general purpose. It is commonly used for dry food products like coffee, tea, snacks, and pet food. Besides, we can use it in non-edible products like hardware materials.

What does it look like?

  1. Foil Side Gusseted Bags

The laminated foil film forms a barrier to light, air, and liquid. The overall back seal gives the bag a good airtight. It provides a rectangular shape. In that feature, it is not only increasing its capacity but also maximizes the space. The foil side gusseted bag is perfect for coffee and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. All gusseted side foil is safe and suitable for coffee packaging. We can store nuts, tea, powder, and other food products. With the addition of degassing valves, this bag is perfect for packing coffee. It can be heat sealed using one of our sealers, closed using resealable tape, and works with tin bonds.

  1. Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bags

The block bottom bags are also referred to as “flat bottom bags.” It is the next evolution in packaging. Block bottom bags utilizes all the best features of the standup bag. It gives you 360 degrees space to print your company information and logo. Whether bags are standing or lying flat, the bottom block bag is designed to get your product remarks at every corner.

The bottom block gusset bag looks excellent on the shelf. It is suitable for your various packing products such as whole nuts or ground coffee. The bottom block bag combines standup bag functions with benefits from a side gusset bag.

  1. Poly Side Gusseted Bags

The poly side gusseted bag does not contain an aluminum layer. It makes it light and affordable. Grocery shops use this in their stalls because they are easy to use when packing food. The candy shop uses this packaging to pack hard candy easily and have them on shelves. Bread will use this to pack a different bread style. There’s more, heavy-duty ice bag, and even garbage bags under Gusseted polybags classification.

A poly side gusseted bag is the perfect solution for packing flour, sugar, and wheat. You can also use it in other products that only need a minimal barrier seal. It’s lightweight and affordable packaging that is suitable for various packaging needs.

  1. Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bags

Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bags displays a four-corner seal. It gives the Gusset side of the bag a reinforced structure to hold a heavier product. They hold shape and stand better on the shelf, making them ideal for public display and presentation. The extra support also allows easy label applications on each smooth surface. The quad seal side of the gusseted bags will make your product stand out. These bags can be used to package products such as coffee, tea, chocolates, nuts, protein powder, etc.

Prices For Side Gusseted Bags

You can see a lot of side gusseted bags online. The prices vary in sizes, thickness, and add on accessories. When choosing your side gusseted packaging, make sure that the quality is excellent. Choose wisely, don’t go over to the very cheap, but the quality is compromised.

PackagingBest side gusseted bag’s price ranges from $0.05 to $0.28. We provide safe food, kraft, and gusseted foil bags. It is ideal for packing coffee beans, tea, sweets, and others. You are very welcome to contact us to personalize the gusseted side bag. We also offer customized designs.

Where To Buy The Best Side Gusseted Bags?

PackagingBest management team works since 2000 with combined experience in the packaging industry. We make our side gusset bag with advanced equipment. Our side gusset bag is an efficient and sustainable packaging solution.

Serve your product with modern, practical, and exciting product packaging that remains top-of-mind. Contact us for your orders or more product information about our Side Gusset bag. Our goal is to continue producing excellent flexible packaging options, provide outstanding service. We maintain meaningful and robust business relationships worldwide. We respect customers’ needs and provide innovative packaging solutions to help you save time and effort and achieve typical growth.

Additional Accessories

  1. Degassing valve

Gusseted side coffee bags are the ideal packaging option for wise coffee or whole coffee manufacturers. The one-way degassing valve is essential for the coffee package. It is because the carbon dioxide is released from the freshly baked coffee beans. This valve keeps coffee fresh and prevents broken bags. It allows your customers to smell your delicious coffee beans.

  1. Resealable zipper

The gusseted resealable bag with Gusset down 2 “or 3” keeps your product upright. The releasable gusset bag is great for storing liquids and dry food.

  1. Clear Window

Gusseted window bags with clear windows or strips are suitable to display your product on the shelf. It makes your product easy to catch the eyes of consumers.

  1. Tin ties

The ability to cover the bag after being opened is a great selling point for many consumers. Tin ties are one of the convenient features. It also makes a uniform view for each bag by allowing you to roll a bag to form a consistent size and shape. Our automatic machine application ensures that the location is standardized on each bag.


The world of packaging has overgrown from wooden containers to glass jars, to plastic bottles. Now, many of us turn to the gusseted bag. A long time ago, people used wood and clothes to package products. These kinds of packaging are not on the market today. Instead, they use more durable and cheap packaging. The most common in the market today is flexible packaging. One of these is the Stand Up Pouches or bags, the side gussets bags, and bottom gussets bags.

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