Different types of printing methods used for pouches

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When you order pouches from Packagingbest.com, there are many options you can choose from. Here are two types of printing methods you can select while customizing your unique pouches.

Screen printing

Screen printing, also called silk printing, is a method of hollowing out the imprint on the printing plate and letting the ink transfer through the mesh. When the substrate is glass, metal, plastic and other materials, or bottle-shaped, can-shaped curved surfaces, or there are special printing needs, such as floating effect, screen printing is mostly used.

Designs using screen printing technology can only print one color at a time. For multicolor items, the colors must be painted in separate layers and a separate template must be used for each ink.

Rotogravure printing

Rotogravure printing, also known as gravure printing, is a way of injecting ink into concave printing. It can present a subtle sense of hierarchy. At the same time, the ink will dry soon after printing. Because, like offset and flexographic printing, it also uses a rotary press. Rotogravure printing, once the main function of newspaper pictures, is still used in commercial printing magazines, postcards, corrugated boards (cardboard), and other product packaging.

We have our own gravure press, using mature high-end printing technology to produce high-quality and well-designed bags. I believe that with our joint efforts, you will be able to get enviable products.

If you are not sure which printing technology to choose, please contact our team and introduce your product to us. We will help you choose the most suitable way to create the best appearance for your stand up pouches.

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