3 Types of Stand Up Pouch

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In our daily life, because of using barrier packaging and laminate materials, stand-up bags are widely used in the packaging of many products, such as tea, powder, coffee bean, nuts, candies, and juice etc. But not all the packaging is the same type. There are basically three types of standing pouches:

  1. Doyen, also called round bottom gusset pouch or Doypack
  2. K-seal Bottom
  3. Plow Bottom

Doyen Type Pouch

This is the most common type of all the stand-up bags in the market. Its round bottom with corner welding edge provides supporting and then it can stand by itself on the shelf. In this condition, the weight of internal items depends entirely on the sealing area. So this round bottom bag is suitable for lightweight products (less than one pound). You can choose the right size according to your requirement. Its standard size is usually small in size.

K-seal Bottom Type Pouch

As the demand for bag capacity grows, when the product weight is between 1 pound and 5 pounds, believe me, K-seal bottom pouch is your first choice. Why called it K-seal bag, just because the bottom is resemble letter K. In this case, it not only ensures the stability of the bag’s standing, but also does not affect the beauty of the bag.

Molds are usually not required to make this bag. According to our experience, the bottom of the K-Seal bag swells less, so the same volume of the product seems to require a slightly higher bag than Doyen. It is mainly suitable for powder or granular products.

Plow Bottom Type Pouch

It is also called corner bottom or folded bottom pouch. For products heavier than 5 pounds, the corner bottom style is recommended. The bottom is not sealed, and the product lies flat on the bottom of the pouch. As a creative bag, it has been very popular in the food industry in recent years. For example, it is used to hold granular products including salt and white granulated sugar, and so on. Plough bottom bag is similar to the bag made on an automatic filling and sealing machine. Maybe it can become a trendy packaging.

All the above suggestions on weight are based on the estimates of our experience. We hope you can know more about these three bags through the blog expression. For the choice of specific bags, you can consult our sales staff or take sample measurements according to your needs.

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